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Whether you're an individual optimising your tax return, or a business owner seeking consultation for their growing enterprise, our team of experts are here to assist.

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We pride ourselves on providing expert tax guidance and services to meet the unique needs of our clients.


Our comprehensive taxation services include:

  • Tax Planning and Preparation: Customized tax strategies to minimize liabilities and ensure compliance with tax laws.

  • Tax Compliance: Staying abreast of evolving tax regulations to guarantee our clients remain in full compliance, avoiding potential penalties.

  • Tax Resolution: Representing our clients' interests in cases of tax disputes or audits, working toward equitable resolutions.

  • Strategic Tax Advice: Offering expert advice to empower clients in making informed financial decisions and optimizing their tax position.


We are offering expert advice on business structures, coupled with the efficient creation of these structures at highly competitive rates.

In today's digital age, online resources have made it simpler to create these structures, rendering the days of exorbitant fees, such as $1000 for a trust or $1500 for company formation, a thing of the past. We believe in keeping our clients well-informed, and many have already conducted online research, comparing prices from various providers to understand the market rates.

Our standard fees encompass the registration of ABN (Australian Business Number), TFN (Tax File Number), and the transfer of the trading name, among other services. Typically, we charge a modest fee of $440 over our costs for these essential tasks.

As a reference point, our all-inclusive fees for setting up trusts and companies are $660 and $1300, respectively.

Self-managed Superfunds

  • As registered SMSF auditors, we are pleased to offer a comprehensive range of SMSF services.

  • Our standard fee for auditing an average Superfund is $660.

  • We provide services for creating and administering SMSFs and compile financial statements, along with completing tax returns for these funds, with a fee of $1800 for an average fund.

  • The standard fee for setting up a new fund (non corporate trustee) including all minutes, trustee declarations, etc. is $1090.

Tax Returns

Standard Tax Return (Employee)

From $154

​Basic tax return including all income and expense types, excluding income and deductions related to: Rental Properties, Capital Gains and Losses, Foreign Income & Losses and business schedules for individual ABN.

Standard Tax Return (Rental Properties, etc.)

From $199

​Where tax return includes income and deductions related to: Rental Properties, Capital gains and Losses, Foreign Income & Losses

Standard Tax Return (ABN)

From $242

​All income types including business schedule for individual ABN

Bookkeeping with Xero

Xero is continually transforming the way small and medium businesses function using cloud-based technology. As Xero gold partners, our team has experience teaching small businesses where good software can offer an edge. With access to key transaction tasks anytime, anywhere, Xero creates many benefits for business owners.

We’re here to take your business to the next level using online accounting software.

Xero Features

The core feature of Xero are:​

  • Bill payments

  • Bank feeds

  • Invoicing

  • Expense claims

  • Fixed asset depreciation

  • File attachments

  • Payroll

  • Purchase orders

  • World-class security

  • Unlimited users

  • Unlimited email support

  • Bank reconciliation

  • Online invoicing

  • Mobile access

  • Financial reporting

Collaborate Online

Xero uniquely provides a single platform where small businesses and their advisors can collaborate easily online. You can choose who you want to give access to your financial data, then log in and look at the same figures at the same time, without any complicated processes.

No matter your level of familiarity with cloud-based solutions like Xero, we can help you get set-up and running in no time. It’s what we do.

We can set you up from scratch or organise a transfer from the systems you’re not so happy with. We’ve helped hundreds of small to medium businesses across the country move to the cloud and experience a better way of bookkeeping.

Xero Setup - $399.90
Xero Conversion - $799.90
  • Start things off on the right foot. Complete set-up of Xero account for a new business including bank feeds, account names, customised invoices, dashboard and more!

  • Custom chart of accounts

  • Setup contacts

  • Setup bank accounts and bank feeds

  • Customise dashboard

  • Branded invoice template

  • Issue logins for your team

  • Setup Xero payroll – up to 3 employees (additional charges for more)

  • Make the switch to Xero. Complete set-up of Xero, full payroll, opening balances, receivables, payables, bank feeds, user access and more!

  • Custom chart of accounts

  • Setup contacts

  • Setup bank accounts and bank feeds

  • Customise dashboard

  • Branded invoice template

  • Issue logins for your team

  • Setup Xero payroll – up to 5 employees (additional charges for more)

  • Enter in opening balances

  • Conversion of current data from your current accounting system

  • Monthly comparatives (additional)

SMSF Audits

Follow our 4 easy steps to login/register for online SMSF Audits:



Register by entering the required information, we will then send you an email with your login details, you will then be able to use third party software immediately to ensure the audit of your SMSF goes as smoothly as possible



Once a fund has been added, upload all permanent and yearly audit evidences and simply click a button for us to commence our audit.





Once you are registered and have access you can add the fund which you want us to audit.

Once the fund is added, you can download the trustee representation letter and audit engagement letter for your fund. These documents need to be uploaded after the trustees have signed them. We will let the previous auditor know that we have taken over the audit of the fund..

You can log in at any time (24/7) from anywhere and download any permanent or audit evidence for your fund. If we have any queries or require a document from you, we will raise a query which you can answer on our online client portal.


You can see the progress of our audit and once the audit is complete, you can download our audit report, management letter etc. at any time (24/7) and lodge the superfunds’ income tax return.

Business Growth

We understand that entrepreneurship is filled with challenges, and that starting a business from scratch can be particularly daunting. Our founder's experience offers a testament to the complexities of business growth. With a background as a partner of a respected medium-sized accounting firm, they thought they had a complete grasp of the strategies needed for business success. We know that running a business is challenging and you can quickly discover that there's more to learn. If you're going to take advice from someone about how to grow your business, consult with someone who's been through it.

At North City Accounting, we are committed to sharing our knowledge and personal experience with our clients. 

If you're seeking an accountant who understands the complexities of running a business,  arrange a complimentary, no-obligation consultation

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